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January 17, 2012

Kids these days… are so different from when I was a teen! They are sophisticated, motivated, and determined. And irresponsible, lazy and contrary.

I’m a Dad to two teen boys, and I’m proud of each of them!

The 17 year old is impressive. He’s a swimmer and water polo player (member of a State Champion Team!) He spends 24 hours a week in a pool. He stays up on his homework. He’s a scientist. He gets great grades. How does he do it? He’s self-motivated. I don’t have to ask about it – in fact, he gets annoyed when I do!

The 13 year old is a joy. He is always happy! Always ready to smile. Loyal and friendly. But his head is in the clouds. School is not a priority, yet his grades are pretty good. Any assignment can be a battle. When it interests him, he’s unstoppable. A writer, his poetry is amazing.

They fight like sworn enemies, but will defend each other to the end. Their life is not ideal, but they are making the best of it. That’s what I love about kids. They are resilient, yet not unbreakable. I’m gonna stick with these two. They are the best things that have ever happened to me!


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