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I have two writers…

February 15, 2012

Mitchell is an excellent expositor. His style is refreshing – not a mundane, third person ‘view from above’, but a first person, ‘feel like you’re there’ writer. Bret’s tendency is toward third-person mundanity. But if you give him a push, he’ll give you a gem.

Check this out:

True Love

By Bret Salke



What is true love? The feelings of true love are affection, devotion, and happiness. People who are in love tell each other things like “you make me happy.” When someone is in love they are joyful, giddy, and crazy. There are many feelings of true love.

Other things can happen when people are in love. People who are in love can be separated for some reason. Other people can get in the way of people’s love. One person’s feelings for the other can change. Feelings surrounding love are complicated.

Is true love worth dying for? It can be sad if love goes wrong. Lovers will do drastic things for each other when they are sad. But most people get over a lost love. Happiness, Trouble, and Sadness are part of love.


Bret wrote this as an assignment that asked him to try to explain how a tragedy like ‘Romeo and Juliet’ might happen…


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  1. Welcome to the crazy world of blogging! You’re off to a great start…all you have to do is write what’s on your mind, when it’s on your mind. And never, ever, force yourself to write when you don’t feel “it.” : )

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