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Our First Kiss

February 14, 2014

This is a love story, and I knew it from the very first moment I saw her (Avi).

We came together so naturally and easily. It was like peas and carrots, y’know?

And she said, ‘I want to come see you.’ Happy! The planning, the waiting… then, the day.

Not nervous, just anticipating. What if I miss her? How will I recognize her? There, in the airport baggage claim. In the crowd.

Emboldened by ginger ale(s), I took to the search at the appointed time. Her text said, ‘We’re on the ground.’ My heart just jumped. About 60 times.

Where is she? I wandered a bit, and ended up at the bottom of the escalator. When I saw her, time stopped. How could I not have known? Her smile made my knees wiggle, and we waved at each other. Like we were in seventh grade again.

Then, she was there. In front of me. Did we say a word? I leaned toward her and my eyes closed. Our lips touched. It was soft, warm, and sweet, and tasted good! Just the right time passed – and I opened my eyes to hers. Time. Stopped. Again. This one sweet kiss. A soft touch, our joining together. I will never forget it. I haven’t been the same since. This love, like none I’ve ever felt before. No, I’ve never really loved before. This is the one. Forever.


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